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Good Problems

Good problems

Do you ever think how boring life might be without problems?

To fight boredom or to keep our minds active, some of us take on challenging crossword or jigsaw puzzles---or engage in other stimulating exercises.

Sometimes we go searching for problems to solve, and sometimes they show up unannounced.

Right now we are facing a problem that we and the rest of the YES! board brought on ourselves, with the help of a few other friends. As far as problems go, it’s a very good problem. And in the light of problems others are facing, it’s miniscule. It’s also solvable.

You’ve probably read our earlier emails announcing the launch of our first-ever YES! Matching Funds campaign. We’re so grateful for those who stepped to the plate to pledge a match of up to $10,000 between now and the end of November. 

Picture yourself for a minute around a big table with a giant jigsaw puzzle. By the fact that you are reading this as an attachment to your gift receipt, you are on our YES! puzzle team (and have already helped build the table and chairs on which we sit).

Some of you on this team will watch and see this 10,000-piece puzzle come together without personally putting a new piece down. But your very presence and faithful support is already a HUGE encouragement. Your role on this team may be to encourage and pray.

Some on this team may ask others to join in adding pieces to this puzzle, and we would be thrilled to have a hundred more people involved. If you've ever thought about encouraging someone to give to YES! directly or to YES! though our US Missions account, now would be an opportune time with the dollar-for-dollar match in place. You could send them this link with a note of encouragement:

And some of you might have creative puzzle-solving skills or extra resources that will help us finish this puzzle match well before the end of November.

Please pray with us that the Lord will lead many new donors to give. As of our last tally, 2,950 matching pieces of 10,000 have made it to the table and are connected. Lots of pieces to go! :)

Praise the Lord for good problems, great friends and a timely God-ordained calling!

Wes & Judy Wick
YES! Founders/Directors
Appointed U.S. Missionaries