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Invite YES!

Do Your Adults Over Fifty
Need Some New Inspiration?

In our fast-paced, youth-oriented culture, the value of older adults can easily get brushed aside, squandering some of the unique contributions of the Encore Generation. Life stage emphases within churches and ministries can also create pockets of generational isolation.

Wes & Judy Wick or others from the YES! Young Enough to Serve team would be honored to help you and your church move forward to:

  • CONNECT more deliberately with other generations,

  • PRAY more fervently for God to intervene,

  • SERVE more willingly and creatively,

  • and MAKE DISCIPLES more effectively.

Please give us a call or jot us a note to let us know of your potential interest. Even if it's not practical to travel to your location, we can find other creative ways to connect with you and your team.

Wes and Judy came in and immediately began developing relationships. They helped us, in some very practical ways, to connect the various generations in our church . . . a great investment.
Generational separation is common in the Church. Churches often focus on age groups, with the hope of ministering directly to each group. Sadly, the division, though well intended, has often isolated the older generation.

YES! is positioned to bridge the divide and release a new dynamic of ministry in the local church.

Wes and Judy Wick, founders and directors of YES!, are ready to help churches and colleges/universities bring the generations together. Their brilliant, cheerful, and godly personalities will enhance the effectiveness of your ministry to each generation.