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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Crafting a single message for lead pastors related to YES! is a challenge because your backgrounds and churches are so diverse.

Our most consistent prayer for you is that you would embrace the profound potential for spiritual impact and service that is resident within your second half adults.

Our second admonition and prayer has to do with not selling any generation short on the impact they might have outside their own generation. This, of course, relates to the impact older adults can have with those younger. Also, just as importantly, it relates to the impact younger people can have with ALL generations, moving up and down the age spectrum.

With a few exceptions, most older adults we know aren't trying to remain 'kings and queens of the hill.'  But they want and need to be valued, not just for yesterday but for today as well.  They want their remaining days on earth to be meaningful.  Ignoring, pacifying or isolating them are huge mistakes.

Honestly, we find many leaders equating Traditional/Status Quo with older adults and Contemporary/Cutting Edge with those well under fifty.  Some of you have chosen one over the other, and some have diplomatically created a generational split between your services to accommodate these perspectives.

YES! wants to humbly remind you that there are better options.  

  • Intergenerational leadership and ministry.  
  • Cutting edge approaches to working with older adults. 
  • Recognition that equipping believers for the work of the ministry extends to all ages
  • Deliberate shifts away from a bland diet of just 'fun, food and fellowship' for 50+ adult activities.

We commend you for all the good things happening under your leadership.  We would love to be an encouragement to you, your leaders and your congregation. Please introduce us to the person(s) responsible for leading your seniors, 50+ adults or interGen initiatives.  

We would appreciate an invitation to help nudge your 50+ adults forward.  Please send YES! a note, give Judy a call at 831.359.1046, or call Wes at 831.359.5308.

Consider inviting a YES! Missionary to spend three hours or up to three weeks at your church---to help you develop a stronger intergenerational approach to ministry at all age levels.

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