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New YES! Staff

Ready to Expand, in Pursuit of Younger Leaders

YES! Young Enough to Serve is looking for a passionate, articulate, caring individual or couple---likely under fifty---with ministerial training, credentials, and a calling to serve on a multi-church basis.

YES! helps inspire adults over fifty to become more intentional in praying, serving and making disciples. We believe God intends for this inspiration to come through all generations, not just peer-to-peer, and that is why we are specifically targeting a younger individual or couple at this time.

YES! also has an interdenominational focus. Wes & Judy Wick, founders of YES!, are fully appointed missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Many denominations and some non-denominational churches have a formal structure for domestic missionary outreach, and YES! is open to working with other missionary-sending organizations.

The individual or couple must be open to raising their own support. This would be a collaborative effort of the individual/couple, YES! Young Enough to Serve, and the missionary-sending organization. Because raising ongoing support demands so much, YES! would be looking typically at a commitment of four years after support is raised. The monthly budget amount to be raised will be determined based on a variety of factors and in consultation with the missionary-sending organization.

While raising your own support may sound intimidating or impossible, we sense in our spirit that many individuals and churches would step to the plate to support younger adults truly called by God into this area of ministry.

While YES! is focused broadly on the United States, we anticipate that the next missionary added to the team will live in the Western region of the United States and will collaborate for extended periods of time with the founders of YES! who live near the Central Coast of California (Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz). A willingness to travel is important, and the scope of the travel is yet to be determined. For example, if the candidate resides in another state, most of the travel would likely be within that region.

Scripture demonstrates the value of younger voices strategically positioned to both encourage and challenge adults who are older, particularly with Paul's appointment of both Timothy and Titus. This intergenerational partnership is sadly missing in many American churches, especially when it comes to leadership of those in life's second half. We've seen the value on our board of directors (with ages mid-twenties to early seventies) and through the fresh contribution of younger talent and presence in our outreach efforts.

While peer-to-peer ministry has value, it often unintentionally tends to isolate age groups within our churches. Part of our hope in recruiting younger missionaries is that love, interest and concern will grow between generations, not just within generations. While focused on inspiring adults over fifty, nurturing the younger-to-older and older-to-younger dynamic can play a huge role in the ongoing development of healthy churches.

Here are some of the reasons YES! is pursuing younger leaders:

  1. The precedence in Scripture is strong, not an anomaly. Over three-quarters of Paul's letters begin with intergenerational relationship.
  2. It's a strategic pathway to stronger intergenerational vision and the bridging of generational gaps.
  3. We have a need to model cross-generational interest and concern at the leadership level, not just talk about it!
  4. We know God is calling people of all ages to lead older adult ministry, but in the USA we haven't been quick to pursue, affirm, prepare or receive those younger.
  5. God loves to break through closed circles!
  6. Those younger with current life experience outside older adulthood have vision to see things we who are older may miss.
  7. Younger leaders can help us reach more young people.
  8. Younger leaders force us to invest more. Too often we see declining, partial, part-time and weak investment in this area of critical importance with exploding population growth---even in larger churches with hundreds of older adults.
  9. The whole body needs to show concern for each part. It's not enough to have parts going at it by themselves!
  10. We need contrast, youthful energy and fresh, state-of-the-art approaches.
  11. If we're serious about reaching adults over fifty (and not just adults over seventy), we need to begin engaging Boomers and Generation X, in addition to the Builder generation.
  12. We need young leaders to help us move beyond tired paradigms of passive, leisure- and entertainment-driven 'ministry'.
  13. We need younger people in our lives, and they need us! These statements can get lost in the cracks when we over-rely on just young leaders to reach the young and just older leaders to impact those older.

Anyone interested is encouraged to peruse the YES! website for a better understanding, and send a letter of inquiry to Wes & Judy Wick at Thank you for your interest and prayerful consideration!