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"Look Inside" allows you to preview introductory chapters.
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Missy Buchanan

Writer/Speaker on Issues of Aging Faithfully
Author: Spirit Boosters for the Journey of Aging

“It would be a personal dream-come-true if every church leader and minister would read Half Two and use it to cast a new vision for their own congregation. I also hope that every church member over the age of fifty studies it in a small group setting and reflects upon its implications for their lives. Thanks, Wes and Judy, for writing such a powerful resource!”

Dave Burns

Director of Adult Ministries
Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center

“Many years ago as a young man in my thirties, my mentors—those who impacted and influenced my life—were much older, usually in Half Two. I learned quickly that the Lord had equipped them with talents, wisdom and spiritual gifts that played out the rest of their lives. They built legacies that continue to this day and for future generations.

Wes has penned a book that needs to be read by the over 50s as it inspires us to continue, to be used for a purpose, and to impact lives. Equally important, Half Two is a must read for the Millennial Generation. It will give them great life perspective as they better understand the whole, not just the part. Thank you, Wes and Judy, for a powerful read.”

Marc Freedman

Founder and CEO

“In his eloquent new book, Wes Wick calls on every one of us to make the best and highest use of all our experiences, for all our days. His examination of purpose, aging, and the church offers a powerful and purposeful blueprint for building stronger families and stronger communities everywhere. This book is heaven sent!"

Major General Peter Sutton

United States Air Force (Retired)



"As a 35-year career military aviator, much of my career was spent in pre-flight planning, afterburner launches, mission execution and final landings—‘each a journey and never a dull moment!’ Thus, I was intrigued in joining Wes Wick's marvelous Half Two journey—one that challenges all believers to think seriously about what God is calling us to do with our remaining years. I commend this book to your reading—make sure to strap your seat belt on tight—you may never be the same!"

Peggy Fulghum

Adult 2 Ministries Associate
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
Mariettta, Georgia

“After twenty years of ministry, I’ve learned a lot from the school of hard knocks. How I wish Half Two had been available years ago. This resource is timely and appropriate as the Age Wave ushers millions into the Encore stage of life. Wes and Judy Wick’s comprehension of the demographic is spot on. Every minister will benefit from reading this book. Not only is it insightful, it’s humorous and original. It’s easy to recommend to anyone over 50. Enjoy reading it. I did.”

Bill Dogterom, D.Min.

Pastoral Ministries and Spiritual FormationChair (Religion) - Professional Studies
Vanguard University

“As our population ages, there seems to be an either-or response—either a steadfast grasping at position and power, as if to stave off inevitability, or a rapid release, escaping into the comfort of a well-planned retirement stretching twenty-five or more years into the future. Meanwhile, many of the younger generation are looking for help—mentors who will empower them, experienced partners who will work with them, spiritual fathers and mothers who will teach them how to care for their souls.

“Wes Wick addresses these dueling concerns with an experienced, winsome, provocative, and passionate challenge, both to those approaching second half borderlands, and to the local church—which must be multi-generational or die. With deft humor and surgically precise questions for exploration, Half Two goes beyond analysis, providing strategic next-steps for engagement. Eminently readable, deeply personal, desperately needed, highly recommended.”

Heather Crooker

Stay-at-Home Millennial Mom
Christian Berets Event Coordinator

“Engaging, inspiring, informative, funny … all words I use to describe Wes' book. Such an easy and enjoyable read, with practical advice and straightforward implementation ideas—balanced with real life stories. You'll finish the book feeling motivated to make new friends with people close in proximity but not in age. Love Half Two. I encourage young and old to read this book.” 

Nancy K. Christel

President and CEO, Sheeperfect®


“I found myself in tears after the introduction, and applauding for the encore at the end!

“Wes Wick writes with character, charm, a touch of humor—even the laugh-out-loud variety—and thoughtfulness. Though I fundamentally prefer not to group people by any defining mechanisms, i.e. age, gender, race, etc., this book addresses the natural inclinations to do so, and is loaded with insight and inspiration. Wes’ passion for his calling models the practical guidelines and proffered wisdom shared throughout the book. He suggests that we not only think specifically, but also engage actively, in the wider, diverse realms of life at every age. YES! to Half Two.”

Ryan Moore

Former Lead Pastor
Christian Life Center
Santa Cruz, CA

“Wes Wick puts into words what I’ve been trying to communicate for years, while also offering fresh insight that I had not considered. As a pastor, I can confidently say that Half Two is a ‘game changer’ on how to integrate and value the beloved ’seniors’ in my congregation. Wes is a first-class communicator, leaving the reader with not only head knowledge, but also with gut-wrenching emotions that will ignite your ministry vision."

Samuel M. Huddleston, D. Min.,

Assistant District Superintendent Assemblies of God,
Northern California and Nevada
Author, Five Years to Life and Grand Slam

“As someone who has fought vigorously for cross-cultural appreciation throughout my adult life, I deeply appreciate the cross-generational unity approach presented in Half Two. Laced with biblical insight and fresh examples throughout, Wes presents a Christ-honoring, church-unifying pathway that motivates us to make our second half years more fruitful.”

Richard & Leona Bergstrom

Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life?

“Wes & Judy Wick are leaders in the movement to challenge people to steward their second half of life well. Their ministry of YES brings the generations together to serve in helping others. Now, with the book Half Two, Wes captures their shared vision for living out your second half with hope and optimism that “the best is yet to come.” Reading it will rock you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to live the rest of your life with purpose.”

Jim J. Adams, Ed.D.

President, Life Pacific College


“As a college president, I work in a multi-generational environment observing constant interactions between young adults and ‘other-than-young’ adults. Wes Wick’s outstanding new book, Half Two, is a delightful and compelling read not only for the over-50s, but for anyone seeking a better understanding of the unique and compelling ways God can use all of us in our lifespan’s later years.

“As a believer, I’ve never thought God desires for us to push the hold button on our remaining years, and Wes’ argument that we engage all the experiences of our lives to serve others is truly inspiring. With a rapidly growing aging population, the church has a terrific opportunity to leverage older believers to serve effectively in His kingdom work. Thank you, Wes, for a page-turner calling us to action throughout our lives!”

Phil Oates


“Half Two challenges us to take advantage of our golden years. Retirement does not mean 'sitting on the sidelines'. Slowing down does not mean 'stopping'.”

Chuck Stecker, Ph.D.

A Chosen Generation and
The Center for InterGenerational Ministry

“Wes Wick accomplishes what many authors fail to do—give clear solutions after detailing problems. Wes brings clarity to a critical American cultural issue. Speaking from experience, he equips readers with a remarkable, solution-oriented roadmap as they embark together on an incredible journey. Timely, relevant and tremendously needed in the life of every ‘senior’—what you hold in your hand is not just a book—it’s a gift. Read it and embrace it. Your life will never be the same!”

Bob Pagett

Founder, Assist International

“Anyone over fifty will benefit from reading this well-written, inspiring book! My wife Char and I started Assist International in our early fifties. Decades later, we know this was the best decision we ever made. I'm excited that Half Two will help others make similar life-changing, half-two decisions. Such excitement in following Christ full-throttle.”

Richard Dresselhaus, D.Min.

Pastor, Author, Speaker



“It’s time that the church develop new strategies to better use the potential gifts of its 50-plus members. In most cases, they are untapped resources—just waiting to be recruited and empowered for service. Half Two goes a long way to provide inspiration and methodology for just that. Wes and Judy Wick have devoted themselves to bring this message to churches and individuals across the nation. This outstanding, must-read book is engaging and captivating.”

Evelyn Johnson and Alan Forsman

Co-Authors, Crescendo: An Ascent to Vital Living


“Just say ‘YES!’ That’s the best way to summarize our response while reading Half Two. Through insightful personal journey reflections, interactions with others, and Scripture, the book presents a compelling vision-to-action process. Whether you are a pastor or church leader (of any age), you WILL be challenged to create intentional pathways for unleashing boomers and older adults to engage in meaningful ways. And, if you are a boomer or older adult, reading this book will stimulate your thinking about significance and discerning God’s call in Half Two.”

Reverend Dominic Yeo

General Superintendent, Assemblies of God of Singapore
Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre

“If you are approaching or in retirement, know that God wants to “re-tire and re-fire” you for Kingdom-purposes. As you read this book, allow God to break old mindsets and re-shape your perspective on living out the next lap of life.

"Look Inside" allows you to preview the introductory chapters.
Click on the link above to preview and order.