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Prospective YES! Board Member

Prospective YES! Board Member

Thank you for your interest in YES! Young Enough to Serve and for your prayerful consideration of serving on the Board of Directors.

We are excited about the work we are doing with adults in their second half of life, building bridges to strengthen their hearts to pray, serve, connect with every generation and make disciples. We've attempted to gather relevant information here to give you an overview of the organization and the specific responsibilities of a Board Member.

YES! Young Enough to Serve is committed to inspiring individuals and churches toward better kingdom stewardship of life's second half.  We acknowledge that true inspiration toward serving flows from our personal relationship with Christ and our desire to submit our lives to Him.  As outlined in Galatians 5, God calls us to freedom, and we’re reminded to use that freedom to serve one another through love.

Christian adults sometimes give up on serving prematurely, allowing vocational retirement to become spiritual retirement.  YES! reinforces the importance of being steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:58)

YES! affirms that each of us has something to contribute and that God has a deep love for every generation represented within His Church.  Our culture and many churches have tended to isolate generations from each other, creating widening gaps in relationship and understanding.  A central task of YES! Young Enough to Serve is helping these intergenerational relationships emerge and thrive, especially on a spiritual level.

With our current transition to more of a national board, we now hold three quarterly meetings remotely by phone or video conference, with the expectation that physical presence is expected for all members only once a year (in January or February). Our next meeting will be in the Phoenix, Arizona area on Thursday, February 1, 2018, wrapping up the next morning. Remote board meetings are three times per year, usually running about 1.5 hours.  We have additional conference calls as needed.  We try to schedule board meeting dates at least three months in advance.  (Before expanding to a multi-state board, most meetings were held in person at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center.)

Board members serve three-year terms and are asked to:

  • Pray faithfully for the ministry of YES!
  • Financially support YES! Young Enough to Serve through personal gifts and help identify prospective donors and board members.  (FYI, current range for board members is approximately $50 to $300/month.)
  • Participate in development of the organization through your personal strengths or gifts.  This may mean chairing or participating on a committee or task force that will strengthen the organization.  The Board of Directors intends to be more than an executive decision-making board.  It is a working board.
  • Support our events through attendance when practical, and open doors for YES! tapping into your personal sphere of influence.
  • Speak on behalf of YES! as needed, and share our story with the community at large.  You will be acting as our “ministry agent” for our ongoing work with adults and churches.

If you have any questions regarding this ministry, please feel free to contact Wes or Judy or any of our current board members.  They will be happy discuss them with you.  God bless you.


1.     Any current member of the board is welcome to nominate a new prospective board member.

2.     Nominations are subject to the parameters outlined in the bylaws regarding number of board members.  A board member may be elected to a full term or to fulfill the remainder of a vacated term of office.

3.     If there is any noted hesitation related to proceeding with approaching a new nominee, these hesitations will be openly discussed with board members before proceeding.

4.     Efforts will be made to look at the current mix of board members and to fill in potential missing gaps in perspective and abilities.  A goal is to assemble a board passionate about the mission of YES! and rich in diversity.  As a ministry seeking to be both interdenominational and intergenerational in leadership and outreach, these diversities are of particular significance.

5.     Assuming no known objection, communication will then be initiated by the Executive Director or Board Chair.  The potential candidate is approached, asking if he/she might prayerfully consider becoming a part of the YES! Young Enough to Serve Board of Directors.


6.     If prayerful consideration is agreed to, this web page is then forwarded to you, the candidate. This page includes:

a.     Outline of responsibilities for YES! board members.

b.     A copy of this board selection process description.

c.     Current bylaws.

d.     Request to familiarize yourself with the YES! website and our statement of faith basic content.

e.     Your board member application form. (See below.)

7.     If you remain open to proceeding, you will then electronically submit the application form to the Board Chair.

8.     The Board Chair will then forward your application form to the other board members, and an existing board member (preferably one who does not yet know the candidate) will be assigned to informally interview you.  You are encouraged to ask any questions you might have about YES! or about serving on the YES! board of directors.  Ideally, this interview takes place in person.  If a direct meeting is not possible, a phone or video conversation is arranged.

9.     Assuming this interview confirms mutual continued interest, your name will then be presented to the board in advance of the next meeting for ratification (by a specially called phone conference or by unanimous written consent, as allowed in the bylaws) .

10. Upon ratification, you are asked to submit this Covenant Agreement.

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