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scaf·fold  noun \ˈska-fəld

An essential tool for any multi-story construction project. Something highly valued and then dismantled and moved to the next project of merit.

We learned about "scaffolding workers" when sharing in the excitement of planting a church three decades ago. God uses some people in this special role for a season to help get a work off the ground as fellow pioneers in the planting effort.

It's tough to let go of these people who were faithful and essential to the cause. And it's not easy finding the right words sometimes. Was it something we said? Have you lost faith in this work?  Or were you simply a valued member of the scaffolding crew?

The scaffolding label may not apply to you, but it helps us remember that none of us are permanent fixtures - we're all just passing through and getting part of the job done. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the significant part you played in getting YES! Young Enough to Serve off the ground! We couldn't have made it to where we are today without you!

We're always in the building process, and we invite you to help us occasionally with some of the scaffolding planks still needed. That's code for "Please keep us/YES! in your prayers. And feel free to send an encouraging word our way and/or an occasional donation to help us keep YES! moving forward." :)

And if you really had no intention of stopping your giving to YES! or to our US Missions account, please jump back in!

We've learned a lot over these past seven years, and 2014 has been an exciting, impactful year of ministry. We have a long ways to go, but we're encouraged by opportunities to share new insights, vitality and transformation. And we love the real life examples of God using adults in life's second half in more significant, strategic ways to build His kingdom.

THANKS AGAIN for your past financial contributions, and may God bless the other ministries He has placed on your heart as well! 

Wes & Judy Wick
Founders/Executive Directors, YES! Young Enough to Serve
Appointed AG US Missionaries, Account #700001-225497