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SoCal 2015 Senior Adult Camp

It’s time to return to what is right. Too many are staying in the safety of their salvation. He wants to break us down. He wants to revitalize us.
— Sam Pawlak

What a joy to be with such great people at the Southern California 2015 Senior Adult Camp! 

We're so grateful to God for the opportunity to be among the speakers challenging and encouraging you to press in for more---as we together proclaim God's power to the next generation. A special thank you to Paul & Norma Grasser, Sam & Pat Pawlak, Dan Wilderman and Johnny & Ruth Larring---we were honored to be in such great company of strong Christ-honoring leaders.

Okay, we're now down from the mountaintop. More than settling for a common letdown after a mountaintop experience, let's allow God to have full reign as we open our lives up more to praying, serving and making disciples---among our peers and extending to every generation.

We'd like to echo Pat Pawlak's recommendation that you see the movie War Room as a wonderful complement to this year's camp. A poignant picture of the power of prayer and intergenerational disciple-making! God wants to use older adults to proclaim His power to the next generations! We saw this movie on Friday just a few hours after leaving Pinecrest. We thought of you as we watched it---and how God wants to use you in new and powerful ways.

If you have a moment, please watch our three-minute video we tried to show you at camp. Ted is a picture of the kind of person YES! seeks to inspire. We've had many churches and second-half adult groups show this video to help stir hearts and communicate fresh vision.

Please use the tabs above to poke around the YES! website and take advantage of our free resources. We shared the story of Joe Capri at Camp, and it's also available on our site as a blog and as one of our podcasts.

For those of you who attended our leadership training, we want to encourage you to broaden the age range of your leadership team. This will help immensely in moving you to some practical strategies for strengthening the bonds between generations. We need younger people in our lives and in our second half adult leadership! The head cannot say to the foot, "I have no need of you!" 

This link takes you to the story of a church in the SoCal Network that has moved full steam ahead with intergenerational ministry. Please extend an invitation to allow us to help stir things up at your church in 2016!

Thank you to all who gave generously in our missionary offering at Pinecrest. We encourage you to continue supporting second half adult ministry with your prayers, time, engagement, encouraging words and finances. We'd love to have you prayerfully consider being a part of our ongoing financial support team.

Remember, you're now the Pastor of Costco and wherever else you go! Go find five or more younger people in whose lives you can spiritually invest! They need you, and we need them!

Serving Him with you,

Wes & Judy Wick
US Assemblies of God Missionaries
Founders/Directors, YES! Young Enough to Serve