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YES! Ellensburg

YES! Ellensburg

Hi Wes & Judy,

Just thought we'd give you an update on our 'pie and ice cream' time with the high schoolers.  It was fantastic! EVERYONE, young and old LOVED it! There were over 50 from the YES! group, over 60 high schoolers...and over 30 pies from YES!, mostly homemade! ;) The HS pastor had it set up where there were 4 HS and 4 YES! at each round table. Each table had some index cards with conversation starters (a favorite memory from childhood, what do you like best about your generation, etc). Here is an email we received from the high school pastor the next day:

Please pass on my deepest thanks to the YES folks for attending and thank YOU for all the hard work putting out the invitation! The night went above and beyond all expectation! I LOVE when God does that! It was so special to worship with you guys, the feeling in the room was electric! One of our student leaders posted this on Facebook last night following the event. Please share it with the people who attended along with an invitation to check out serving with our ministry. (Just email me)  If they enjoyed that night, they will be able to survive and thrive on other nights! The students were already BEGGING to do the night again!

Here is the post from the student leader:

 "Tonight I got to serve at church to many high school students and senior citizens. I've been to church many times, but tonight just filled me with so much love and hope. The years of wisdom and amount of love for Christ in one room was beyond overwhelming. I got to serve ice cream to many smiling faces, be in a room full of Christ followers, and listen to some amazing people talk. One thing that'll really stick to me from tonight that one man said was from a book he read, "Sometimes I make you go south, so you can go north." I thank the Lord for blessing me with this amazing experience."

Then several days ago, he sent us this card by mail: 

"Glenn and Cathy, one of my most favorite nights of ministry is thanks to you guys listening and following Jesus! Thank you for all the phone calls, emails, and unseen work that went into making an unforgettable instant tradition! What a blessing you both are to the church! Thanks for being a living example of Christ's love!"

He and the kids want to set up another similar get together in the fall!

God is good! Thank you for your ministry!

Glenn and Cathy Cunningham
Mercer Creek Church
Ellensburg, Washington