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YES! Podcasts

Interviews with Christians that highlight serving and disciple-making.

Doing Life Together: Mike & Lorelei Schmid

Wes Wick

Mike & Lorelei have discovered the joy of doing discipleship in community rather than isolation. They love seeing what God will do synergistically as generations unite around the Word of God. They stress the importance of experiencing life together—not just knowing Scripture—but also observing as apprentices the living out of Christian faith through relationship.

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Royally Involved: John & Sherry Coates

Judy Popineau Wick

In his first year of retirement God slapped John on the side of the head with this revelation: "I did not bless you with an early retirement just so you could sit on your duff and stare at your feet." A few days later John and Sherry received an invitation to serve as hospitality hosts at national Royal Family Kids training events, a role in which they've served faithfully and joyfully for over a decade.

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One for the Road: Dick and Elnora Dresselhaus

Judy Popineau Wick

Dick and Elnora Dresselhaus see the need for stronger blending and bridging of the generations. They yearn for more older adults to join them in saying to younger generations, “Don’t leave us. And don’t let us leave you.” Similar to racial segregation, they recognize that generational segregation can also have tragic consequences.

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Special Needs Community - Responding to the Delight & Challenge: Bill & Lynette Mathews

Judy Popineau Wick

People with special needs are not on the radar of most pastors. They represent an unreached people group right here in the United States. Bill & Lynette Mathews are now embarking on an ambitious, unexpected adventure: Establishing a new ministry, Safe Harbor Homes and Services---Christ-centered homes for people with special needs.

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