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YES! Podcasts

Interviews with Christians that highlight serving and disciple-making.

One for the Road: Dick and Elnora Dresselhaus

Judy Popineau Wick

Pastor Dick and Elnora Dresselhaus have a rich history of building healthy churches that value all generations and the interaction between them.

Looking back to when they were "kids" in their twenties, they became lead pastors of a large church in Minnesota for seven years. This was followed by an extended tenure of pastoring in San Diego. More recently they've had ongoing vital ministry in multiple churches.

This Dresselhaus duo continues to have an inspiring influence in the kingdom. Through their decades of respected ministry, they’ve benefitted from seeing older adults as allies—not adversaries—and they love highlighting the tremendous role seniors or second half adults can still have in the Body of Christ.

They, too, see the need for stronger blending and bridging of the generations. They yearn for more older adults to join them in saying to younger generations, “Don’t leave us. And don’t let us leave you.” Similar to racial segregation, they recognize that generational segregation can also have tragic consequences.

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Other resources referenced in this podcast include:

·      Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark, and

·      a kind and unexpected endorsement of Half Two by Wes Wick.