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Tale of Two Moms

YES! Blogs

Tale of Two Moms

Wes Wick

YES just has to become a strong, national ministry!”

We heard this comment from a missionary couple from Arizona, who went on to share their tale of their respective mothers.

As they left several years ago for their overseas missions assignment, both of their moms were in their late sixties. One became a poster mom for what YES! Young Enough to Serve represents. The other became the polar opposite, literally pulling the shade on life and sinking into a deep depression.

As one mom approached age seventy, she decided to run for public office. And she won! After serving two years with distinction, she decided to shift gears and write her first book. She saw the silver lining in her empty nest and retirement years, a chance to do more for others and go all out for God.

The other Christian mom settled first into complacency and then despondency. Fear got the best of her, and her last days became very dark.

While no church wants to see older adults shift into despair, this missionary couple perceived that we’re often not doing enough to cultivate potential and to provide a clear early warning to those who might settle for the path of idleness.

The idle path may appear safer, but it’s actually more treacherous.

Thanks so much for standing with us as we seek to multiply the message and invest in leaders who will help adults choose a more fruitful path in their later years.