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YES! Blogs

Second Sunday Lunches

Wes Wick

Sometimes dreams take a while.

As you may know, one of our dreams with YES! has been to more intentionally connect generations.

We see value in peer relationships, but we also see how vital beyond-peer relationships are, too.

We don’t like the idea of choosing one over the other, but sometimes our personal bandwidth forces us to prioritize, at least in the short term.


This month at our home church, Christian Life Center, we initiated our Second Sunday lunches, combining college students with adults over fifty. With about eighty in attendance and with a host of college students eagerly wanting to get to know more seasoned adults, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with how this first experimental lunch worked out.

With Scripture to back us up, we knew we couldn’t sit idle and just focus on only more of the same. We had to move in on nurturing these relationships between generations.

As expected, we were fortunate to bring in many more adults in the 50-70 age range and students, who were unable to attend our Thursday lunches because of employment, schooling, and other commitments.

Many adults have commented on the sincere interest these college students have displayed toward adults decades older. Many of these students are Asian, and we are frankly not accustomed to such warm respect.

When we share stories in other churches about how these students are so intent on making these connections with older adults, many heads nod, affirming how right this is.

We long to see that same eagerness coming from older adults, asking how they might connect more effectively with younger people. As we see this happening, our heads nod, affirming how right this is.

While still in embryonic stages, please pray this fervent love and zeal between generations will spill over to many other churches. And we hope to continue nurturing the relationships our adults have with their peers as well.

May both flourish!