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YES! Blogs

Are You Living Your Dream?

Wes Wick

Almost twelve years ago, nine months before Judy and I started YES!, our pastor showed a video clip in which several people were asked, “Are you living your dream?


Sadly, the honest answer for most people, from both inside and outside the faith community, was “No.” We at that time had a new YES! dream percolating, but we were still months away from living out the dream God was placing on our hearts.

Several years later, while serving as missionaries-in-residence with YES! in Spokane, Washington, we recall meeting with a young, stay-at-home mom, who told us, “You have the dream job.” We couldn’t help but agree, even though we too were struggling to pay bills and were residing that snowy month in a very humble cottage.

We were definitely blessed to be in our ’sweet spot’, actively partnering with young leaders to help light a serving spark in older generations, while casting vision for more vibrant, life-breathing connections between generations. We helped encourage over a hundred brave souls to join us downtown in frigid temperatures to serve the homeless. We heard powerful testimonies of how God was changing hearts and redeeming lives.

We even shared in the Northwest excitement of the Seattle Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl. We, like the Seahawks, were ‘living the dream’.

Pursuing our calling full-throttle may not come with the amenities, benefits, and security we’ve come to expect in ‘normal’ careers. But as we seek first His kingdom, other blessings are added. God has been so faithful in supplying every need through the generosity of many people/churches and through a series of other God-orchestrated miracles.

And, too, with a simple heart pivot, God can transform present vocational or situational perspectives so that we can readily attest, “YES! I’m right where God wants me for now, living out His dream for my life.”

Praying that you, along with us, can approach 2019 with new, exciting dreams percolating!