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YES! Blogs

Dying, Dead ... Or Just Dormant?

Wes Wick

One of springtime’s obvious blessings is seeing dormant lawns, plants, and trees come back to life.


And occasionally, as life springs up, we may discover some plant life is actually dead—beyond the reach of fertilizer and special care.

We’ve discovered while working with adults over fifty that some dormant periods are common. Where we get into trouble as leaders is mistaking temporary setbacks for signs of death, “the beginning of the end”. We move prematurely into thinking days of fruitfulness will never return.

One friend shared that after her cancer diagnosis her church never again called on her to serve. Even after successful treatment and years of remission, her earlier dormancy period mistakenly signaled that her productive years were over.

And sometimes our own aches and pains send a clear signal to stop. Indeed, for a season slowing down or stopping may be the right choice, allowing the body to heal before pressing on.

But let’s continue to pray for dormancy’s end and for our resurrected Lord’s joy to reinvigorate our body, mind, and spirit.

As flowers bloom around us, let’s look for fresh ways to send clear signals to God and others—we’re ready for more.