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YES! Podcasts

Interviews with Christians that highlight serving and disciple-making.

Taking Inventory of the Tools in Your Toolbox: Kathy Benton

Judy Popineau Wick

In helping older adults find their new normal, Kathy encourages all of us to keep a good variety of new and older tools in our toolbox.

We need mentors of all ages in our lives, and older adults can certainly help round out the toolbox of younger leaders---serving as models, coaches, consultants, mentors. Kathy challenges the young to initiate some of these important cross-generational conversations, drawing from their wisdom and practical experience.

She emphasizes too that this same spirit of openness needs to flow from adults as we grow older . . . being teachable . . . staying teachable. Waking up each morning with the question, "Who will teach me something today?"

Knowing that the road to remaining purposeful has lots of twists and turns, Kathy encourages older adults to remain persistent as they pursue opportunities. Lean on the truth that God still has a purpose for our lives, and He will help us find it!