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YES! Podcasts

Interviews with Christians that highlight serving and disciple-making.

Flourishing in Life, Love and Service: Linda Arzouni

Judy Popineau Wick

"Feeling awkward is normal!"---one good lesson of many Linda learned through cross-cultural ministry. Feeling awkward? So what! It's normal. Accept it and move on! :)

Through God's grace Linda stands ready to boldly address whatever God places on her path, whether it be in West Africa or currently in the Western United States. From teaching women in a French-speaking nation in Africa---to caring for her elderly father---to reaching out to a young girl a nearby high school, Linda embraces these God-ordained opportunities with joy. She knows these acts of serving are significant, no matter where she is geographically.

While accommodating differences in culture, Linda has learned to maintain the offensive, moving beyond differences to a huge common denominator: our desire to restore broken relationships---most importantly our broken relationship with God healed through Jesus.

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