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YES! Podcasts

Interviews with Christians that highlight serving and disciple-making.

Doing Life Together: Mike & Lorelei Schmid

Wes Wick

Mike & Lorelei have discovered the joy of doing discipleship in community rather than isolation. They love seeing what God will do synergistically as generations unite around the Word of God.

They stress the importance of experiencing life together—not just knowing Scripture—but also observing as apprentices the living out of Christian faith through relationship.

Mike reminds us that 'generations' was God's idea of family, complete with the grandpas and grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings---the whole gamut. And they point to continued investment in lasting, lifelong relationships, even as miles separate.

Serving with the Navigators over four decades, the Schmids have enjoyed a lifetime hiding God's Word in their hearts and helping others do the same.

We love Mike's closing prayer, "Lord. make us one across the generations that the world might know that Jesus is the Son of God."