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YES! Blogs

Looking Out for the Interests of Others

Wes Wick

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4


It's so easy to get caught up in looking out for our own interests. I know it is meant more broadly, but I like to interpret 'others' to mean those who might otherwise be viewed as competitors. It's becomes a great reminder that we're all in this together. A 2:4 One special!

Directing a nonprofit has its challenges, and it's sometimes easy to focus only on how we will strategically move YES! Young Enough to Serve forward. Will we financially break even this month? Who might write a review on Amazon for Half Two? What church will invite us to speak? Who might we add to our board of directors? How will we expand our outreach?

Taking this Philippians passage to heart causes us to shift our attention beyond YES! and to think about other ministries' needs ... other nonprofits facing similar struggles. Immediately, I thought of books in our ministry field that I've read, appreciated, but hadn't yet reviewed. That was easy ... I just went to their Amazon pages and added reviews on a couple of them.

YES! is focused on the kingdom potential of adults over fifty, so let's remember to think about others under fifty. We're on the West Coast, so let's prayerfully consider others' needs and opportunities on the East Coast. We are US missionaries; let's look out for missionaries serving in other countries. We have strong ties to our denomination, so let's show concern for churches and ministries outside our denomination.

This isn't meant to be just a theoretical mind-bender. Let's put it into action.

Host a High Tea

Here's a fun, timely May 2018 idea my wife Judy wants to share with you. It's more targeted to women, but guys can help with this, too. We like that it's doable for many older adults, an opportunity to practice hospitality, and a simple way to bless other ministries from coast to coast. Because of the royal family connection, Judy will focus her tea on gathering items for Royal Family Kids' Everybody's Birthday boxes, but you can pick some other cause near and dear to your heart.