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YES! Blogs

Savoring Seasons

Wes Wick


With Spring’s cheerful arrival, we’re reminded of life’s unique seasons. What season are you in?

  1. Spring: Our first couple blossoming decades of life focus on development and preparation, with lots of days spent learning both inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Summer: Our seemingly endless summer over the next several decades centers on establishing a career, or multiple careers—and for many of us, marrying, establishing a home, and raising a family.
  3. Fall: The nest empties, careers end, extended family grows, aging parents struggle and eventually bid us adieu. And in this season, often laced with more freedom, new encore adventures are pondered, and a few physical challenges may worm their way in. While many adults have prepared well financially, prayerful contemplation of this season’s real purpose is often postponed, shaped by the culture around us, or figured out on the fly.
  4. Winter: Diminishing strength and vitality lead to life’s final breath—on this side of eternity. For some, this season is agonizingly long. For others it’s abbreviated. Some find ways to reach out to others even in this period of profound, personal need. And some people face death almost instantaneously, never really experiencing winter, whisked away unexpectedly in an earlier life season.

You might find your toes dipped into a couple seasons. Our careers are still active, but Judy and I mostly identify now with life’s third season.

We recently posted a podcast with our friends, Richard and Leona Bergstrom, who wrote Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? They (like YES! and Half Two) are focused primarily on life’s third season and our respective callings within this opportune time.

Too often many of these incredible years get squandered and sequestered. Yes, God redeems, but let’s realize that missing the mark has consequences ... in our lives and in the lives of others. And momentum, too, is a valuable commodity as we approach our frailer years.

Actively serving God in our robust years often carries over into the pre-frail and frail years—adding special meaning, purpose, relationships, and joy. If we avoid risks and serving when healthy, starting when our strength dissipates is unlikely.

What are we doing the rest of our lives? Let’s not wait for all the stars to align. The time to follow God’s calling is now. Let’s listen actively to His voice, step out today, savor this season, and give Him our best.