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YES! Blogs

War Room: Finishing Well Starts with Prayer

Wes Wick

You’ve probably seen the Geico commercial, pointing out that Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker. His nose grows as he points to a lackluster gentleman in the audience and declares, “You have potential.”

When we talk about the untapped serving potential of older adults, we know some folks probably expect our noses to start growing as we speak.

We recognize the reality that most adults will face significant physical challenges as they grow older, and practically many serving “projects” grow out of reach.

But we also know spiritual strength can gush like a geyser in older hearts conspiring with God.


The recently released movie, War Room, is a powerful portrayal of the serving potential of an older adult with a heart for prayer and making disciples. We highly recommend it as a poignant YES! Young Enough to Serve illustration---a compelling reminder of the very real impact older, praying adults can have.

We love the idea of investing to help finish wells in third world countries. And we're also grateful for those strategically investing in YES! and other second-half adult ministries in America---seeing the need to dig deeper here at home, tapping into older adults finishing well!

There is a significant spiritual drought in our nation that can be addressed in part by elder adults becoming more intentional in praying and reaching out to younger generations. We love how this potential is boldly proclaimed in War Room and in this prayer from Psalm 71:18 (NLT): 

“Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God.
Let me proclaim your power to this new generation,
your mighty miracles to all who come after me.”

Please pray that more pastors, churches and Christian leaders will embrace this old and gray potential more deliberately. The potential is very real but must become a greater part of churches’ strategies to reach younger generations.

And it must become a greater part of our own lives, as we boldly surrender ourselves more fully to the Master.

We confess that we've been guilty at times of moving prayer outside its rightful first position:

"When all else fails, pray." 
"If you're not in a position physically to serve or financially to give, you can always pray." 

These have an element of truth, but they treat prayer as our last resort, not our first.

With prayer and financial support coming from those in nearly every decade of life, we're getting more opportunities to spread the mission of YES! throughout America---and gratefully, our noses aren’t growing! :)  

Thank you for standing with us and making a spiritual difference in the lives of those around you.

With help from all generations
YES! inspires adults over fifty
to become more intentional
in praying, serving and making disciples.