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War Room: Finishing Well Starts with Prayer

Wes Wick

You’ve probably seen the Geico commercial, pointing out that Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker. His nose grows as he points to a lackluster gentleman in the audience and declares, “You have potential.”

When we talk about the untapped serving potential of older adults, we know some folks probably expect our noses to start growing as we speak.

We recognize the reality that most adults will face significant physical challenges as they grow older, and practically many serving “projects” grow out of reach.

But we also know spiritual strength can gush like a geyser in older hearts conspiring with God.

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We Have Met the Enemy, and He is All Three of Us!

Wes Wick

Let's take our punching gloves off for a moment and yank at the plank in our own eyes. Hitting the pause button on our rants, let's pretend that WE in life's second half are our own worst enemy . . . all three of us: Me, myself, and I.

It's hard, I know, but we can do this!

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