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Footloose and Fancy Free

Wes Wick

Our retirement culture has a tight grip on some folks, and it's a mindset that has been allowed to germinate for years, often unchallenged by the Church.

With our focus on serving, we're often tempted to poke fun at the leisure lifestyle. But we're aware that real ministry and life impact can also take place within that context.

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We Have Met the Enemy, and He is All Three of Us!

Wes Wick

Let's take our punching gloves off for a moment and yank at the plank in our own eyes. Hitting the pause button on our rants, let's pretend that WE in life's second half are our own worst enemy . . . all three of us: Me, myself, and I.

It's hard, I know, but we can do this!

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Tapping Into the Power of Intergenerational Ministry

Wes Wick

 “For a long time, churches have treated teenagers like they live in their own world. They have their own music, their own service, and their own culture. The only person with a passport to go between the teenage and adult world is the youth pastor.

As youth pastors, we know that we can have a greater impact if more adults have passports to go between worlds. We want to see adults draw nearer to the younger generation and mentor them in a life with Christ.”

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